Amethyst Cluster

High-Quality Amethyst Cluster


You will receive the exact amethyst cluster you choose. This is beautiful high-quality amethyst, each piece is unique in shape, size and colour.


Amethyst Keywords

Courage, Clarity, Protection


Amethyst Properties

Amethyst grants a protective energy that helps to keep the negativity of your environment at bay. This energy is also a great aid for combating nightmares and insomnia. This magical crystal can help us in addiction release, unplugging from unhealthy attachments and promotes courage and clarity of mind.


Amethyst Cluster 48 - 218g 8cm

Amethyst Cluster 49 - 209g 8cm

Amethyst Cluster 50 - 197g 9cm

Amethyst Cluster 51 - 186g 9cm

Amethyst Cluster 52 - 205g 7cm


Amethyst Cluster - Medium