Howlite Tower - Small

Howlite Tower - Small


Howlite Towers – Small & Medium
They say what is meant for you will not pass you by, let us choose the crystal that is meant for you. You will receive one intuitively chosen howlite tower in the size and weight range you select. Each of our towers are unique in shape, size and colour and may include some small natural inclusions.


Howlite Keywords 
Peace, Mindfulness, Focus


Howlite Properties
Howlite is a powerful stone, it has peaceful calming energies that make it perfect to use during meditation. Howlite can aid in releasing any feelings of self-doubt and is a great crystal for creatives and over active minds to gain clarity and peace.


Average Dimensions For Small Towers - 7-9 cm
Average Dimensions For Medium Towers - 11-14 cm