Moroccan Quartz Geode

Moroccan Quartz Geode - Large

You will receive the exact geode you chose. Each piece is unique in shape, size and colour and may include small natural inclusions.


Quartz Keywords

Healing, Cleansing, Positivity


Quartz Properties

Clear quartz is an essential crystal known as the feel better stone, it’s believed to bring balance, positivity and to re-energize the body. This crystal has the ability to lighten, brighten and transform negative emotions. Clear Quartz has the magic to amplify the effects of other crystals and can rid them of dull energy.


Geode 23 - 676g 12cm
Geode 24 - 773g 12cm - Small amount of red iron inclusions

Geode 27 - 352g 10cm 

Geode 28 - 400g 9cm 

Geode 29 - 263g 8cm 

Geode 30 - 376g 8cm 

Moroccan Quartz Geode