Moss Agate Spheres

Moss Agate Spheres

You will receive the exact moss agate sphere you choose. Each piece is unique in shape, size and colour and may include small natural inclusions.


Moss Agate Keywords

Balance, Abundance, New Beginnings


Moss Agate Properties          

Moss agate is the stone of abundance and new beginnings. It helps us to appreciate and connect to the beauty in nature and aids us in balancing our emotions. As the stone of wealth and prosperity it will inspire you to exceed your expectations and achieve your dreams.


Sphere 10 - 231g - 5cm

Sphere 11 - 131g - 4cm

Sphere 12 - 217g - 5cm

Sphere 13 - 292g - 6cm

Sphere 14 - 241g - 5.5cm

Sphere 15 - 269g - 5.5cm

Sphere 16 - 211g - 5cm

Sphere 17 - 238g - 5cm

Sphere 18 - 238g - 5cm

Moss Agate Spheres