Sage & Soothe Cleansing Kit

Sage & Soothe Cleansing Kit


Sage And Soothe Cleansing Kit

Amethyst creates a light protective bubble that supports peace and harmony whilst keeping negativity from outside influences at bay.
This crystal instils courage and clarity of mind, it can help us to draw away from unhealthy attachments and gently soothes and encourages peace in your life. You can burn your sage or palo santo sticks to clear away unwanted energy. Smudging or burning sage is an ancient ritual used to cleanse yourself or your sacred space, it can be used during meditation to create a cleansed and calm environment, burnt whilst manifesting to enrich your experience or used in a cleansing ritual to remove all negativity in your life. Carrying a powerful magical energy selenite has the ability to cleanse and recharge. This crystal brings clarity and positivity, it radiates a light and calming aura making it the perfect stone to use during manifestations and rituals.


Additional cleansing kit options:

Sage & Love - With Rose Quartz
Sage & Peace - With Apophyllite

Average Stick Size - 10 cm


Do not leave burning unattended.
Keep out of reach of pets and children.
Do not burn whilst pregnant.