Selenite Moon Slice

Selenite Moon Charging Plate


Selenite Charging Moon Slice

You will receive one selenite moon slice perfect for charging small crystals and tumblestones. Each slice is unique in shape, size and colour and may include small natural inclusions.


Selenite Keywords

Purifying, Cleansing, Amplifying


Selenite Properties                

Selenite is a magical no fuss crystal known for it’s powerful cleansing abilities. It can be used to cleanse the energy of your crystals if you feel they have begun to dull. Lay them next to or on top of the selenite overnight to rejuvenate and brighten the crystals energy. Selenite is also a great crystal to amplify manifestation and to add into new moon rituals.


Average Size - 10 x 7 x 1.5 cm
Average Weight - 250g